I am a pharmacist, who specialises in introducing pharmacy owners to technology and in partnership help them build their 21st century business.

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I am a 2nd generation pharmacist, and have been in the industry for 15 years working across community, hospital, and international practice settings.

The pharmacy industry in Australia has experienced exponential levels of change in the past 10 years where the country’s 5500 pharmacies in a position where the gap in rising operational costs and declining revenue has never been further apart leaving pharmacy owners in survival mode sacrificing pharmacy staff, barely covering their debts, and holding little hope of recovery.



Me and my company Pharmactive have developed a unique 4-step method of ‘Transpharmation’ which covers:

1. Education – I teach you the purpose of the currently available technologies.
2. Discovery – I help pharmacy owners to discover processes in their business which can be aided or automated by technology
3. Partnership – I introduce pharmacy owners to the right technology partners who will help them to plan, implement, train and maintain their products in their pharmacy.
4. Optimisation – I  help you review the solutions implemented to ensure that the original objectives have been delivered upon, and discussing areas of potential improvement.

This is achieved through my  published book ‘Transpharmation’ which is positioned as the definitive guide to helping pharmacy owners begin their journey of partnership with technology. This will be supported by a series of mini-transpharmation workshops delivered both in-person and online, as well as the flagship 12-month program of Transpharmation, where i work directly with pharmacy owners to tailor a solution for their individual businesses.

“I believe that when you pair a pharmacist’s capabilities with technology, it has the power to revolutionise our industry forever.” – Robert Sztar