101 – How interactive training can help you build a high performance pharmacy team

High performance pharmacy team [Length: 49 minutes]

With the Rio Olympics to begin in just under 2 months from now, it won’t be long before we once again admire and behold the remarkable achievements of the world’s leading athletes across a plethora of disciplines. But as we consider the magnitude of the feats performed, we should also appreciate the level of commitment to a culture of high performance and daily incremental improvement. In applying this to our businesses, we so often have great disparity between our top-level performers and our entry-level team members, which presents as a highly variable experience in-store for our patients. If you would like to learn how you can leverage smart technology to evenly distribute your team’s wealth of knowledge and skills to drive consistent high performance in your business then you won’t want to miss this episode of the Transpharmation Show

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In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Interview with Tyson Clarke
  • Why a culture of high-performance matters
  • Why having a team that trains every day gives your pharmacy a competitive edge
  • How to evenly distribute the wealth of your team’s product knowledge and sales techniques
  • How to keep your team accountable and provide effective feedback

Transpharmation Motivational Quote of the Week:

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Resources and Links mentioned:

  • Voista (Companion Program)


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High performance pharmacy team [Length: 49 minutes]