96 – How to use social media in your pharmacy the ‘smart’ way (Transpharmation Action Series: Part 2)

Social Media for Pharmacy [Length: 45 minutes]

Knowing that social media is now becoming a much bigger deal in both our personal life and in growing our 21st-century business than we ever anticipated, the big question is… How do we calculate and maximise our return on time, money, and resources invested? In Part 2 of our Action Series, you’ll hear from 3 of Australia’s leading digital and social media experts, receive a downloadable social media calendar to plan and schedule, PLUS learn about time-saving tools to automate your scheduling and keep your content fresh & engaging.


In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Transpharmation Action Series Part 2: Social Media
  • Insights from 3 leading Social Media Experts
  • Technology tools to save you time, and keep your content fresh & engaging
  • Your next 3 actions to take your pharmacy’s social media to the next level

Episode Timeline:


Everyone knows how to use Facebook personally,  but what do you think is worthwhile having on a pharmacy facebook page? My worry is once set up, it needs to be maintained and be kept fresh. Is it just another burden to contend with?

More Coming Soon..


Resources and Links mentioned:


3 Next Actions:

  1. Audit what you have already and what you’ve already committed resources to, ensure you have a strategy for measuring engagement.
  2. Formulate your messages and conversations you’d like to begin or join within your community
  3. Choose your channel(s) carefully after determining where your customers spend their time


Transpharmation Motivational Quote of the Week:

ROI of Social Media is that your business will still exist in 5 years” Erik Qualman


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Social Media for Pharmacy [Length: 45 minutes]