I believe that, when you pair a pharmacist’s capabilities with technology, it has the power to revolutionise our industry forever.

Pharmactive Logo_RGB_1I am passionate about helping pharmacy owners transform their business through streamlined operations that combine today’s technology with traditional expertise and great customer service.

My company, Pharmactive, has invested time and money into researching, customising, and implementing hundreds of pieces of innovative, easy-to-use technology to benefit the business growth of community pharmacies.

It is delivered via a unique 4-step sequence and ensures Australian pharmacists regain control of their pharmacy destiny – confident in the knowledge that, with access to purpose-designed technology solutions unique to their individual needs as pharmacy owners, they have the tools to operate a thriving business in today’s changing market.

I believe there are three key ingredients for success in the pharmacy industry today:

  • Successful operational efficiency
  • Patient-centric focus
  • Smart use of technology

When you implement these into your business, you will benefit from reduced stress, financial freedom and the peace of mind of a realistic exit strategy.

Web_Copyright Beth Jennings Photography_Robert Sztar_Web-0894_1As a second-generation pharmacist, I understand the issues and challenges pharmacy owners face. By creating the technology that delivers genuine solutions, I can help pharmacies in Australia – and internationally – engage with your customers easily and efficiently

I founded Pharmactive as a pro-active response to my first-hand experience after 15 years in the pharmacy industry – a necessary step to ensure my own business survives in these tough times of falling revenues and increasing costs.

I am thrilled to share this with other industry professionals – via a forthcoming book, regular podcasts and online technologies – to transform the way all pharmacists deliver their important service and improve connections with their valuable clients.

With Pharmactive, you will SAVE time & money AND boost profits.

Click on Services to see how we can work together to build your smarter, more successful 21st century pharmacy.


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