Transpharmation:  A marked change in the optimisation of a pharmacy business through the implementation and utilisation of technology.

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Finally, there is a book that delivers a simple, yet powerful step-by-step framework to help you easily understand the technology you need to ensure your business succeeds in today’s changing market.

Transpharmation also helps pharmacy owners like you decide on the best possible options for their individual needs. I wrote Transpharmation with the practical, real-world insights of a second-generation pharmacist. As a pharmacist for 15 years, I have tested the boundaries of what technologies can be adopted easily into the pharmacy ecosystem and can pass this information on to help your business survive…and thrive. If you have always wanted to embrace technology to help you build a smarter, successful and more profitable business, then this is the book for you.

Our journey starts here… To give you even greater value and assistance, I have also produced an accompanying workbook mobile application that you can access easily – from anywhere and any time you choose. Reading Transpharmation and implementing the strategies I share will help you craft a 12-month roadmap to take immediate action in your pharmacy.

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With enormous levels of change sweeping the pharmacy industry in Australia in the last 10 years, pharmacy owners have been left with less time, less resources, and less certainty that their business will be viable moving forward.

Pharmacy Freedom showcased the keynote presentation from Robert Sztar  ‘Why there has never been a better time for pharmacy owner to embrace technology and build a smarter, more successful 21st century business’.

With a speaker line up that included state and national pharmacy guild presidents: George Tambassis (guest speaker) and Anthony Tassone (MC), and of course the author of ‘Transpharmation’ Robert Sztar 2nd generation pharmacist & Managing Director of Pharmactive, Pharmacy Freedom provided the SOLD OUT audience with an educational and engaging 90 minutes for Pharmacy Owners in attendance and tuning in via the LIVE online broadcast.

Pharmacy Freedom was held in Melbourne on August 14th 7:30am, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Transpharmation‘ the book was launched the event, which together with its accompanying online workbook will help pharmacy owners build smarter, more successful 21st Century Pharmacy Businesses before it’s too late. Upon completion of the book and accompanying workbook, every pharmacy owner reader will now have the knowledge of Robert Sztar’s unique 4 step method to successful implantation of technology in pharmacy. They will also have received a snapshot of focus areas and a printed roadmap to implement significant change in their businesses over the next twelve months.

If you’re interested in grabbing yourself a copy of Transpharmation, you can do so below:

To isolate key areas of opportunity in their businesses, Robert also launched the Pharmacy Freedom Index (PFI) which by completing the 75 strategic questions, gives each pharmacy owner a score in 3 key areas (each with 3 units), which when functioning together can lead to a genuinely profitable pharmacy:

  1. Operational Efficiency (Your Money, Your Pharmacy, Your Team)
  2. Patient Centric Business Model (Your Patients, Innovation, Your Partners)
  3. Smart use of technology (IT Systems, Mobility, Automation)

In a 90-minute review & assessment session Robert will help each pharmacy owner 1 on 1 receive their Pharmacy Freedom Index (PFI) score and help to formulate an action plan to help improve in each area of opportunity. Book your session below:

Book an Appointment with Robert:

Ultimately, by working with Robert each pharmacy owner will have the confidence to reach for the freedom necessary, to choose how they wish to spend their time, both in and out of the pharmacy.

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